What our condensed training program can do for you.

Learn from the founder of Self-Connection Psychotherapy, and get his guidance on integrating this model with your own practice in three phases over 10 months. Trainees get the course, plus all resources available to Associate Members, and videos on more advanced topics.

How the Program Works

The Self-Connection Psychotherapy Condensed Training Program consists of three phases.

  • Phase 1 - Basic Concepts

    In Phase 1 (2 months) you begin to learn the basics and to understand the process. You learn how to use your own image as patients/clients learn to make use of theirs.

  • Phase 2 - Advanced Concepts and Skill Consolidation

    Phase 2 (6 months) is all about moving the bar. The structure of this phase focuses on the challenges that arise during the full course of therapy.

  • Phase 3 — Specialized Treatment Skills and Termination

    Phase 3 (2 months) solidifies the work of the first two phases. Termination follows work on self-supervision and mastery of the clinical work. The structure of this phase is determined by the needs and strengths of the participants, and stresses participant involvement in moving the body of knowledge forward.

What’s Included

  • Two live small group (4-6 therapists) workshops per month with Dr. Alpert for ten months where you learn the techniques of Self-Connection Psychotherapy.

  • The course is delivered using a combination of discussion, live clinical interviews, and roleplaying with fellow trainees in each 1-hour workshop.

  • Resources include video demonstrations, guided practice audio recordings, assignment logs, tip sheets, surveys — everything designed to support your learning .

  • Access to everything available to Associate Members, with additional Teachable Moments videos addressing advanced topics.

  • A discussion community where you can reach out to other therapists at various stages of learning Self-Connection Psychotherapy.

  • Discounted consults with Dr. Alpert. Book one-on-one time to ask questions related to specific patients/clients.

A Closer Look —

Resources designed to support your progress through each workshop lesson in the course.

  • An overview of what will be covered in each workshop.

  • A video discussing the concepts associated with each upcoming workshop.

  • A video explaining the exercise that will be performed in the upcoming workshop.

  • A transcript and video recording of the prior workshop.

  • A video introduction to the homework assignments related to each workshop.

  • Repeated use in therapy sessions of key elements learned in the workshops.

  • Availability of a survey to provide feedback on each workshop.

  • A resource sheet with links to other content to support each lesson.

What our Students are Saying


Andrew Todd Thomas, PsyD

“Life Changing” 

My treatment and training in Self-Connection Psychotherapy have been life changing. I can’t recall finding a better method for enhancing my own and my clients’ well-being.

Connect With

  • Dr. Alpert

    Attend a series of twice-monthly training workshops, join a monthly live Q&A session, or book discounted phone or video consults.

  • Community

    Join other therapists as they discuss the course lessons and Self-Connection concepts.

  • Resources

    Learn to incorporate Self-Connection Psychotherapy into your practice using extensive training materials, a library of Teachable Moments videos and the articles.


In order to enroll as a student, you must have licensure, have a Masters degree or above in a psychotherapy training program, or be an M.D.

Ready to Learn More?

We are serious about your success. Before you enroll, submit a request to set up a phone call, and we will reach out to explore how the course could help you and your patients/clients.